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ASTERICS DADI ESFRI Forum & Training Event 2

The ASTERICS/DADI ESFRI Forum and Training events aim at bringing together staff from ESFRI facilities and VO developers to continue active participation in the development of the VO framework and to train ESFRI technical staff on the VO technical environment. The goal of the ESFRI Forum & Training Event #2 is

  • to provide updates on the status of the projects, of DADI and the VO, respectively;
  • to verify the status of VO acceptance within the projects after 2 years from the ESFRI Forum & Training Event #1;
  • to get feedback on the developments made and planned
  • to evaluate what can be done by ASTERICS and DADI until the end of the project (April 2019).

(Top level DADI page: WP4: Data Access, Discovery and Interoperability (DADI))


Participation in the meeting is open to the members of the ASTERICS project. The representatives of the ESFRI and precursor projects will invite relevant people from their collaborations to participate in the meeting and contribute to it. DADI members may invite experts from non-ASTERICS institutions when appropriate. The Organising Committee may select additional contributions and will be responsible to finalise the agenda of the meeting.

To register, simply:

  • add yourself to the table at bottom
  • send us an email with your details (see table at bottom) [marco (dot) molinaro (at) inaf (dot) it]


13 & 14 December, 2017 - ESFRI Forum

12 December, 2017 - Introductory session on the VO for newcomers


INAF - Osservatorio Astronomico di Trieste

(Villa Bazzoni building)
Via Riccardo Bazzoni, 2
34124 Trieste (TS), Italy

Access Information

To/From the Trieste Airport there are three possible means of transportation to reach Trieste:

  • local APT bus 51, runs about every 30', 4.05€ one way. You can find it on the right when exiting the airport (50 meters away), tickets can be purchased at a vending machine on the right of the arrivals exit doors inside the airport building. Pay attention: check the destination to be Trieste, not Udine!
  • Science Bus shuttle service, about 25€ each way. The driver will wait you at the arrivals exit. You can book it by yourself, it can drop you at your hotel or preferred location in Trieste.
  • GoOpti shuttle service, price varies from 9€ up to 40€ depending on your choice of schedule and sharing.
  • taxi, about 50€ each way

Hotels & Logistics

Please arrange your own hotel accommodation. The Observatory is nearby Trieste city center, walking distance (uphill) from it.

A MAP with some hotels and some logistics is available HERE to have an idea of the local transport and accomodation locations.


Time Title Speaker Materials
Day 0 - Tuesday December 12
15:00-18:00 VO primer for newcomers
Use case Hendrik Heinl
Introducing the IVOA Françoise Genova pdf
(16:00) coffee break
Use case traverse with WG insight Hendrik/Markus/Marco
Day 1 - Wednesday December 13
09:00-09:15 Welcome, Logistics, Objectives of the meeting Marco Molinaro
09:15-10:00 FAIR principles and the VO, DADI status Françoise Genova pdf
10:00-11:00 Contributions by the ESFRI projects and precursors
10' EST project overview Ilaria Ermolli pdf
20' EST community related to solar VO and DH Nazaret Bello-González pdf
30' SKA DADI requirements Rosie Bolton pptx
11:00-11:30 coffee break
11:30-13:00 Contributions by the ESFRI projects and precursors
15' First ASTRON/LOFAR steps towards the VO standards Marco Iacobelli pdf
30' CTA DADI status Mathieu Servillat pdf
20' The Dawn of Multi-Messenger Astronomy Giuseppe Greco GDoc / pdf
20' LIGO/Virgo open science Agata Trovato pptx
13:00-14:00 lunch break
14:00-15:00 Contributions by the ESFRI projects and precursors
20' VO-protocol-based access to the ESO Science Archive Facility Alberto Micol pdf
20' The ESO Science Archive: towards the La Silla Paranal Armazones Observatory Martino Romaniello pdf
20' LSST:UK Data Access Centre Andy Lawrence pdf
15:00-15:20 Status of the Cleopatra Work Package Arpad SZomoru pptx
15:20-16:00 Contributions by DADI partners
25' Summary of DADI contribution to IVOA TimeDomain effort François Bonnarel pdf
15' VOEvent status report Dave Morris pdf
16:00-16:30 coffee break
16:30-18:30 Contributions by DADI partners
20' ASTERICS: suggestions for the project's end period Hendrik Heinl pdf
25' Provenance: status Mireille Louys pdf
15' PURX Markus Demleitner notes
25' AladinV10/AladinLite functionalities for ESFRI projects and others François Bonnarel pdf
20' A VOSpace deployment: interoperability and integration in big infrastructures Sara Bertocco pdf
20:00 Working Dinner (Newtorking towards dedicated meetings for ESFRIs) - Hostaria Malcanton
Day 2 - Thursday December 14
09:00-10:00 1st day report and general discussion
10:00-11:00 splinter sessions
Radio Data discovery notes
Tutorials Overview for RIs Workshops
11:00-11:30 coffee break
11:30-13:00 splinter sessions
Radio topic - continued
Vizier overview to the benefit of GW & al. notes
13:00-14:00 lunch break
14:00-15:00 Wrap-up and actions
(15:00) Additional Hands-on / splinter time slot
Time Domain odt


Organising Committee: Mark Allen, Catherine Boisson, Rosie Bolton, Eric Chassande-Mottin, Paschal Coyle, Ilaria Ermolli, Françoise Genova, Rob van der Meer, Marco Molinaro, Fabio Pasian, Carlos Rodrigo, Martino Romaniello.

Local Organising Committee: Marco Molinaro, Fabio Pasian

Contact: marco (dot) molinaro (at) inaf (dot) it | fabio (dot) pasian (at) inaf (dot) it


Please, tell us what days you plan to stay at the venue and if you plan to attend the working dinner (include also dietary requests directly) and the newcomers session on the 12th.

Name Surname Affiliation 12 13 14 Working Dinner
Fabio Pasian INAF-OATs Y Y Y Y
Marco Molinaro INAF-OATs Y Y Y Y
Markus Nullmeier UHEI Y Y Y Y (veg)
Dave Morris Edinburgh Y Y Y Y
Francoise Genova CDS Y Y Y Y
Markus Demleitner UHEI Y Y Y Y (veg)
Arpad Szomoru JIVE Y Y N Y
Agata Trovato CNRS-APC Y Y Y Y
Marco Iacobelli ASTRON-RO Y Y Y Y
Hendrik Heinl UHEI Y Y Y Y (veg)
Ilaria Ermolli INAF-OAR & EST Y Y Y Y
Sara Bertocco INAF-OATs Y Y Y Y
Martino Romaniello ESO N Y Y Y
François Bonnarel CDS,ObAs N Y Y Y
Mireille Louys CDS,ICube N Y Y Y
Giuseppe Greco UniUrbino,INFN N Y Y Y
Riccardo Smareglia INAF-OATs N Y Y N
Mathieu Servillat LUTH-OBSPM N Y Y Y
Carlos Rodrigo CSIC-INTA N Y Y Y
Andy Lawrence Edinburgh N Y Y Y
Thomas Hederer KIS Y Y Y Y
Kolja Glogowski KIS Y Y Y Y (veg)
Nazaret Bello-González KIS & EST Y Y Y Y
Rob van der Meer ASTRON, NL Y Y N Y
Alberto Micol ESO N Y Y Y
Cristina Knapic INAF-OATs N Y Y N
Rosie Bolton SKA remote connection
Mark Allen CDS remote connection
Ada Nebot CDS remote connection
29 participants

WP4: Data Access and Data Interoperability

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