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ASTERICS DADI Technology Forum 1

The Forums enable technology discussion involving the framework developers and ESFRI project staff, to develop technical collaboration and exchange good practice - establishing a European strategy for IVOA and RDA activities

(Top level DADI page: WP4: Data Access, Discovery and Interoperability (DADI))


Meeting: 17 & 18 September, 2015


Observatoire astronomique de Strasbourg, Strasbourg, FRANCE
Access Information


Please arrange your own hotel accommodation. Strasbourg has a lot to offer, and hotels in the central part of town are generally accessible by foot or tram.


(updated 16 September)

This is a 'working meeting' so the agenda will be adapted based on the contributions of the participants.

Location: Amphitheatre in the building with the big dome

Time Title Speaker Materials
Day 1 Thursday September 17
9h Coffee
9h30 Introduction to the Tech Forum, and round table introductions Mark Allen & Keith Noddle
9h40 Introduction to ASTERICS Francoise Genova introduction_to_asterics.pdf
10h Architecture of the IVOA Christophe Arviset IVOA Architecture Document 20150917-ivoa-architecture-arviset.pdf
10h30 Coffee
11h Supporting VO infrastructure, DADI activities
Technical Sustainability of the Euro-VO Mark Allen
ASTERICS DADI Activities Francoise Genova asterics_dadi_activities.pdf
12h30 Lunch (provided)
14h Presentations of ESFRI and pathfinder projects
EGO/VIRGO Eric Chassande-Mottin chassande-mottin_advirgo.pdf
CTA Catherine Boisson strasbg_cta.pdf
15h30 Coffee
16h Making the ESFRI & pathfinders participants in defining the VO
Summaries of activities of VO teams (10 min each)
INTA Enrique Solano, presented by Carlos Rodrigo carlos_techforum.pdf
UEDIN Andy Lawrence edi-activities.pdf
INAF Marco Molinaro on behalf of Fabio Pasian inafstatus.pdf
CNRS Francoise Genova cds_techforum1_genova_final.pdf
17h30 close
19h Tech Forum Dinner Restaurant:Restaurant on OpenStreetMap Au Pont Saint Martin website Address: 15 rue des Moulins
Day 2 Friday September 18
9h Contributed presentations
TOPCAT and TAP Mark Taylor tapcat.pdf
Reviving and extending Pgsphere Markus Nullmeier dadi-rep-tf2015.pdf
Provenance Data Model Mireille Louys vo-provenancepresentation-asterics2.pdf
10h Observatory Coffee
10h30 Contributed presentations
INAF-OATs VO status Marco Molinaro oatsstatus.pdf
ESA's Future Astronomy Multi-mission Interface Jesus Salgado mmi_strasbourg_asterics.pdf
11h10 Hack-a-thon I (Hackathon Page) Keith Noddle
12h Lunch (provided)
13h30 Current IVOA standards in progress
Data Access Layer (DAL) Standards Francois Bonnarel astericstechforum2015.pdf
14h Preparation for IVOA Interoperability Meeting
Progress toward registering HiPS data collections Pierre Fernique hips-fernique.pdf
14h50 New-comer perceptions
15h Coffee
15h30 Hack-a-thon II
17h Conclusions
17h30 Close

Program Organising Committee: Mark Allen, Keith Noddle (co-chairs)

Local Organising Committee: André Schaaff, Thomas Boch, Laurence Arbousse, Céline Halter, Mark Allen, Francoise Genova, Thomas Keller

Contact: tech_forum (at)


Mark Allen CDS, Observatoire de Strasbourg
Andrew Lawrence IfA, Edinburgh
Keith Noddle IfA, Edinburgh
Mark Taylor University of Bristol
Dave Morris IfA, Edinburgh
Stelios Voutsinas IfA, Edinburgh
Andre Schaaff CDS, Observatoire de Strasbourg, CNRS
Markus Nullmeier ARI, UHEI, Heidelberg
Paul Sladen ARI, UHEI, Heidelberg
Mireille Louys CDS, ICube, Strasbourg
Francoise Genova CDS, Observatoire de Strasbourg, CNRS
Thomas Boch CDS, Observatoire de Strasbourg
Sebastien Derriere CDS, Observatoire de Strasbourg
Marco Molinaro INAF - OATs
Ada Nebot CDS, Observatoire de Strasbourg
Francois Bonnarel CDS, Observatoire de Strasbourg,CNRS
Norman Gray University of Glasgow
Pierre Fernique CDS, Observatoire de Strasbourg
J. Manuel Alacid INTA
Carlos Rodrigo INTA
Michael Sipior ASTRON/LOFAR
Giulia Iafrate INAF-OATs
Paul Harrison University of Manchester
Stefano Zampieri ESO
Eric Chassande-Mottin APC / Université de Paris-Diderot
Christophe Arviset ESAC
Jesus Salgado ESAC
Catherine Boisson LUTH / Observatoire de Paris-Meudon
Mathieu Servillat LUTH / Observatoire de Paris-Meudon
Anaïs Oberto CDS, Observatoire de Strasbourg, CNRS
François-Xavier Pineau CDS, Observatoire de Strasbourg
Soizick Lesteven CDS, Observatoire de Strasbourg, CNRS
Gilles Landais CDS, Observatoire de Strasbourg, CNRS
Laurent Michel Observatoire de Strasbourg
34 participants

WP4: Data Access and Data Interoperability

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