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ASTERICS DADI ESFRI Forum & Training Event 1

ESFRI Forum and Training event aims at gathering ESFRI facility staff and VO developers together to continue active participation in the development of the VO framework and train ESFRI technical staff in VO technical environment.

(Top level DADI page: WP4: Data Access, Discovery and Interoperability (DADI))


3 & 4 December, 2015


INAF - Osservatorio Astronomico di Trieste

(Villa Bazzoni building)
Via Riccardo Bazzoni, 2
34124 Trieste (TS), Italy

Access Information

To/From the Trieste Airport there are three possible means of transportation to reach Trieste:

  • local APT bus 51, runs about every 30', 4.05€ one way. You can find it on the right when exiting the airport (50 meters away), ticket can be purchased at a vending machine on the right of the arrivals exit doors inside the airport building. Pay attention: check the destination to be Trieste, not Udine!
  • Science Bus shuttle service, about 20€ each way. The driver will wait you at the arrivals exit. You can book it by yourself, it can drop you at your hotel or preferred location in Trieste. Note: send us an email if you choose this solution, we'll send you a code for INAF-OATs agreed fare!
  • taxi, about 50€ each way

Hotels & Logistics

Please arrange your own hotel accommodation. The Observatory is nearby Trieste city center, walking distance (uphill) from it.

A MAP with Hotels and some logistics is available HERE.

INAF-OATs has an agreement with two hotels:

If you'd like to book at those hotels please state in your booking that you're attending a meeting at INAF-OATs. This should ensure they apply the correct fare.

Other suggested hotels or accommodation areas can be (refer to the above map):

  • Hotel Colombia or near Oberdan square
  • Hotel Città di Parenzo or near Goldoni square
  • Hotel San Giusto or in San Giacomo neighborhood

The first two choices are in city center, last one is possibly nearer to the event location, but in a less touristicarea. On the map you can see that all of these are (nearly) walking distance form the Forum location (10-20 minutes, but pay attention to local topography), but are also connected by local transportation. Bus fare is 1.35€ for 60' travel (tickets must be purchased in advance and validated onboard).


Finalized as the Forum progressed.

Time Title Speaker Materials
Day 1 - Thursday December 3
09:00-09:45 Introduction
09:00-09:15 Welcome & Logistics M. Molinaro
09:15-09:30 ASTERICS DADI Overview F. Genova pdf
09:30-09:45 ESFRI Forum & Training Event 2015: Goals F. Pasian pdf
09:45-11:15 Projects Contribution
09:45-10:20 Gravitational waves and the VO G. Greco & M. Razzano pdf [1]
pdf [2]
10:20-11:00 ESO Phase 3 operations and the 3D data standard J. Retzlaff pdf
11:00-11:15 LOFAR data products and management: towards the SKA R. Pizzo pdf
11:15-11:45 coffee break
11:45-12:45 VO Overview
11:45-12:00 Science Priority Areas - capturing use cases and requirements M. Allen pdf
12:00-12:30 Current status of VO solutions for discovering, pre-visualising, describing
and accessing multidimensional and time domain massive data
F. Bonnarel pdf
12:30-12:45 DataLink Overview (TBC) M. Demleitner pdf
12:45-13:45 lunch (provided)
13:45-15:15 Multi-D Data Access
13:45-15:15 Discussion fired up by previous sessions ALL (chair M. Allen) pdf
15:15-15:45 coffee break
15:45-17:00 VO Registry
15:45-16:15 Registry overview M. Demleitner pdf
16:15-17:00 Discussion ALL (chair M. Demleitner)
19:30 Working Dinner (OBELICS-DADI Interface) - Caffè Tommaseo (see MAP)
Day 2 - Friday December 4
09:00-10:30 Authentication & Authorization
09:00-09:15 A&A overview and IVOA perspective G. Taffoni pdf
09:15-09:30 A&A prototype for the SKA (WP3 presentation) C. Knapic pdf
09:30-10:30 Discussion ALL (chair G. Taffoni) notes
additional contribution from M. Servillat, CTA, transmitted by C. Boisson
10:30-11:00 coffee break
11:00-12:30 Time Domain Data Access
11:00-11:30 PanSTARRS and the Edinburgh LSST data centre A. Lawrence pdf
11:30-11:50 The Antares/KM3net Neutrino Telescope projects and real time alerts J. Brunner pdf
11:50-12:30 Discussion ALL (chair A. Lawrence) Debrief of discussion for IVOA IG
12:30-13:30 lunch (provided)
13:30-15:00 Final discussion / Splinter sessions
15:00-15:30 close
15:30-17:00 rooms available to continue discussion

Program Organising Committee: Marco Molinaro, Fabio Pasian

Local Organising Committee: Fabio Pasian, Marco Molinaro

Contact: molinaro (at) oats (dot) inaf (dot) it


Name Surname Affiliation
Fabio Pasian INAF-OATs
Marco Molinaro INAF-OATs
Mark Allen CNRS-OAS
Dave Morris WFAU-IfA
Stelios Voutsinas WFAU-IfA
Giuseppe Greco Uni. Urbino & INFN-Firenze / EGO
Massimiliano Razzano Uni. Pisa & INFN-Pisa / EGO
Francoise Genova CNRS-OAS
Francois Bonnarel CNRS-OAS
Carlos Rodrigo INTA
José Manuel Alacid INTA
André Schaaff CNRS-OAS
Markus Demleitner UHEI/GAVO
Joerg Retzlaff ESO
Paschal Coyle ANTARES/KM3NeT
Juergen Brunner ANTARES/KM3NeT
Catherine Boisson ObsPM/CTA
Julien Lefaucheur ObsPM/CTA
Markus Nullmeier UHEI/GAVO
Riccardo Smareglia INAF-OATs
Giuliano Taffoni INAF-OATs
Cristina Knapic INAF-OATs/SKA
Andy Lawrence IfA-ROE
Paul Sladen UHEI
Roberto Pizzo ASTRON/LOFAR
25 participants

WP4: Data Access and Data Interoperability

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