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Exo-Planetary Systems Data Model Meeting

INAF-OAPd, Padova, 20-21/09/2018

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Starting from the experience aimed at deploying through the VO the Time Series for exoplanets (see, e.g., the GAPS Time Series face-to-face) first hints that a model to describe and annotate (exo-)planetary systems might be needed to allow for proper dataset discovery and metadata annotation. The solution of a common model for this specific area of interest was later enhanced by exoplanetary atmosphere numerical simulations and exoplanets catalogue and their visual client applications.

Thus the idea of this meeting was launched to start gathering the first block for the above model and to try to identify interests in the community to improve and adopt it.

Fur further info contact: marco (dot) molinaro (at) inaf (dot) it.


Thursday 20.09
09:30 Get-together & Welcome
10:00 Participants round-the-table Introduction
10:15 Introduction pdf Marco
10:30 VO Data Modelling intro: ObsCore pdf Mireille
11:00 break
11:30 VO Time Series Data Model intro pdf François
12:30 Time Series: the GAPS experience pdf Serena
13:00 lunch
14:00 Merging exoplanets catalogues pdf Eleonora
14:30 ARTECS - Trieste Exoclimates Archives pdf Michele
15:30 break
16:00 Exoplanets characterization requirements notes Mario
16:15 Exoplanets atmosphere observables Valerio
16:30 Brainstorming on model requirements and use cases all
18:00 day 1 close
19:30 Working Dinner (Isola di Caprera) community & networking
Friday 21.09
09:00 Uses Cases and Model Components meeting report all
11:00 break
11:30 Wrap-up & Summary
12:30 Visit to the Specola tower
13:00 end of the meeting


The meeting has been organized with a goal to identify use cases and building blocks to start working on a specific data model; thus participation has been on an invited basis.

Name Affiliation
Marco Molinaro INAF-OATs
Serena Benatti INAF-OAPd
Andrea Bignamini INAF-OATs
François Bonnarel CDS, Observatoire de Strasbourg
Mireille Louys CDS, Observatoire de Strasbourg
Michele Maris INAF-OATs
Mario Damasso INAF-OATo
Valerio Nascimbeni INAF-OAPd
Eleonora Alei INAF-OAPd

Meeting Report

The meeting highlighted use cases and requirements from the exoplanets scientific community. It also showed that the modelling effort may both re-use existing models (like the Simulations DM or DataSet Metadata Model), require new components specific to the data in use and provide requirements for ongoing modelling efforts (mainly the Source DM). Time Series considerations were also taken into account, but those were, for the most part, already discussed in a previous meeting.

A more detailed report of the meeting can be found here.


The meeting will take place at the INAF-Astronomical Observatory of Padova. Directions to reach the place can be found here.

If you need further local information or details please contact serena (dot) benatti (at) inaf (dot) it.

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