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DADI-CLEOPATRA meeting on the Time Domain

A meeting gathering DADI and CLEOPATRA staff is organised to discuss topics of common interest in the time domain. The time domain is one of the initial DADI priorities, and DADI is involved in particular in gathering requirements for the evolution of the VOEvent IVOA standard. One of CLEOPATRA tasks is to “develop methods for relaying alerts, which will signal transient event detections between the facilities and enable joint observing programmes. The focus will not just be on interchange formats but on scientific strategies and methods for joint observing.” Contact persons: Françoise Genova (DADI), Mark Kettenis (CLEOPATRA)


Meeting: 21 March 2017

The meeting is organised the day before the Third ASTERICS DADI Technology Forum.


Observatoire astronomique de Strasbourg, 11 rue de l'Université, Strasbourg, FRANCE
Access Information

The meeting will be held in the main building with the big dome.


Please arrange your own hotel accommodation. Strasbourg has a lot to offer, and hotels in the central part of town are generally accessible by foot or tram.


This is a 'working meeting' so the agenda will be adapted based on the contributions of the participants.

Coffee at 9:30

Meeting starts at 10:00

  • Introduction :VOEvent use-cases types D. Morris (10 min)
  • VOEVent M. Kettenis (20 min) - mostly radio pdf
    • Evolution of the VOEvent standard.
    • Standardizing the content of VOEvent messages.
    • Using VOEvent messages and infrastructure for handshakes between facilities?
    • Archiving VOEvent messages.
  • VOEvent Grav. Wave experience E. Chassande Mottin (~15 min) pdf
  • Microlensing events H. Heinl (~10 min) pdf

Lunch at 13:00

Afternoon session

Coffee at 15:00

IVOA VOEvent 2.0 standard:

IVOA VOEvent Transport Protocol

IVOA Provenance Data model: the current working draft is here

IVOA Unified Content Descriptor : on going revision of the UCD standard The current working draft with proposals for updating the UCD terms collection / new terms added for planetary data and statistical measurements

IVOA UCD standard recommendation :


Mark Kettenis JIVE
Françoise Genova CDS
Dave Morris UEDIN
François Bonnarel CDS
Mireille Louys CDS & Icube, Université de Strasbourg
Ada Nebot CDS
Hendrik Heinl ARI, UHEI, Heidelberg
Markus Hundertmark ARI, University of Heidelberg
Grégory Mantelet ARI, University of Heidelberg
Catherine Boisson Observatoire de Paris (finally unable to attend)
Jiří Nádvorník Czech Technical University in Prague
Marco Molinaro INAF - OATs
Jose Manuel Alacid INTA
Eric Chassande-Mottin APC
Jenny Sorce CDS
Thomas Boch CDS
Sébastien Derriere CDS
Jesus Salgado ESAC
Raúl Gutiérrez ESAC
Laurent Michel Observatoire Astronomique de Strasbourg
Vladimir Kulikovskiy KM3NeT/CPPM
Carlos Rodrigo SVO
Madjid Bouchair CDS
Ibrahim Yapici CDS
Pierre Fernique CDS
Gilles Landais CDS
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