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LOFAR and the VO Meeting

Date and location

18 November 2016, Observatoire Astronomique de Strasbourg, 11 rue de l'Université

The meeting will begin at 9:00


Discussion of the two topics identified as priorities by LOFAR with respect to the VO:

  1. Get a better understanding of the state of the art regarding the expression of interferometric data in the VO, visibilities in particular. The point is to examine how the VO standards, especially the new ones such as SIAP 2.0, could be relevant to LOFAR data model.
  2. Examine the possibility to express LOFAR data model using VO DM formalism.

Discussion of HiPS visualisation is also of interest for LOFAR but will likely be potponed to another F2F or teleconference meeting.

Overview of IVOA Data Models:

Mireille's talk on Data Models in the IVOA (ADASS 2016)

Observational dataset Core Component/Characterisation Data Model:

ObsCore current version: V1.0. Next version in final stage of standardization: ObsCore v1.1

Characterisation Data Model

TAP with ObsCore containing visibility:

Service (CASDA):

Access by TAPHANdle:

TAP on planetary data:

Service (Paris Observatory):

Access by TAPHANdle:


Provenance discussion at the Trieste Interoperability meeting

Provenance status talk presented at this meeting (K. Riebe)

Current Provenance Document (16 November 2016)

Data Access Layer

General presentation at the First ESFRI Forum (F. Bonnarel, M. Molinaro, Dec. 2015)

DataLink 1.0

UWS, UWS library


Units in the VO

Unified Content Descriptors (quantities) - List of quantities


Name Affiliation
Luciano Cerrigione ASTRON
Adriaan Renting ASTRON
Mike Sipior ASTRON
Francoise Genova CDS
Francois Bonnarel CDS
Mireille Louys CDS/ICUBE
Laurent Michel OAS
Sébastien Derriere CDS
Mark Allen CDS
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