INAF - position for VO technologies and standards dissemination at Trieste Observatory (Italy)

News category: Jobs - published on 20 June 2018.


Application date postponed!

A position is opened (an entry level grant) at INAF-OATs, under the umbrella.

The position is open to graduate applicants with a scientific/informatics/engineering background, with knowledge on coding and database as well as web technologies. CV and interview will be the selection criteria.

The job will be connected to the last period of the ASTERICS project (disseminating VO standards and technologies) and the potential follow up on EOSC activities. Contract duration will be 1 year, renewal depending on funds availability and the selected person will work with the VO group in Trieste.

Application deadline is August 25th and all the application process can be found at (pick up the .zip for ID 38/2018).

For any question or detail don't hesitate to contact marco [dot] molinaroatinaf [dot] it (Marco Molinaro).