Announcement: Second call for expressions of interest for industrial cooperation

News category: Press release - published on 03 September 2017.


Aim of the call : To encourage the partnering process between ASTERICS members and industries on following potential but not exhaustive list of innovation-related objectives of OBELICS workpackage.

  • Co-funded Hardware or software development (ex. Tape libraries, innovative databases software, Hierarchical Storage Management software…)
  • Consulting contracts to support technological survey.
  • Co-funded PhD scholarships (Industry-Academic PhD thesis).
  • Subcontracting to industries/ to subsidiaries of industries / to SMEs some benchmark prototypes about new computing and data architectures.

We are also open to suggestions and proposals from industries for this call.  

Budget :  As a result of this call, a funding support up to €140,000 will be provided from ASTERICS project. The OBELICS management considers expressions of interests from industries for 2-3 projects with a contribution from ASTERICS between €10000 & €50000 per project. This does not preclude submission and selection of proposals requesting other amounts.

 Application Procedure:

The application must include:

• Completed EOI Proposal form, all text in Calibri 12 single spaced
• Detailed CV with list of publications of the lead applicant
• Executed PDF copy by email to waghatlapp [dot] in2p3 [dot] fr
Please Note: The call opens on 1 September 2017 and will remain open until 1 April 2018. The proposal reviews shall be communicated within two months after the date of reception.
For more information: Download the full call on this page.