Task 3.1 MAUD: MAnagement, User engagement and data Dissemination


MAUD Overview: This task concerns all management activities of the OBELICS work package. All technical tasks are built upon the state-of-the-art in ICT, in cooperation with major European einfrastructures and are conceived to minimise fragmentation. Therefore MAUD guarantees that communications and links with other communities and e-science service providers are considered in order to contribute to the effectiveness of the proposed objectives.

MAUD actions, supported by the technical task leaders, aim at: 

  • fostering the federation of Astronomical and Astroparticle scientific communities around data management issues;
  • training scientists to new challenges in computing and scientific software; 
  • preparing the new generation of researchers to acquire new skills for the best usage of multi-messengers new data coming from the next generation ESFRI observatories;
  • providing opportunity to the Astronomical and Astroparticle communities to contribute to the common international and inter-domain activities to approach the complexity of discovering, accessing and processing scientific big-data.

In this respect MAUD organizes the three annual WP3 workshops and training events.

Partners institutions involved: Laboratoire d'Annecy-le-Vieux de physique des particules (LAPP).