The aim of this training repository is to share knowledge and expertise from the multi-messenger science community. We welcome you to add tutorials that you think are important and relevant for the community. The author information will not be published and is only used for verification purposes. If you would like your information to appear you can add this at the end of the form. The tutorial will only be published after approval by a moderator. You will receive an email when your tutorial is approved or rejected. If you have any questions or suggestions please use the feedback form.


  • The material for the tutorials must be:
    • available online
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    • free of cost
  • A tutorial can be added to the repository by providing the requested information about the tutorial. After the user and link have been verified by a moderator, the tutorial will be published in the repository.
  • To add an tutorial you will need to provide the following information:
    • Title of the tutorial
    • Short description of the tutorial
    • Level (beginner, intermediate, advanced)
    • Duration (how much time is needed to complete the course)
    • Link to the content
  • ASTERICS is not responsible for the content of the tutorial.


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