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          * Discussion on the DM email list (http://​​pipermail/​dm/​2017-February/​thread.html#​start)          * Discussion on the DM email list (http://​​pipermail/​dm/​2017-February/​thread.html#​start)
       * Slides presented during the meeting       * Slides presented during the meeting
-         * CDS requirements on time domain {{:​open:​wp4:​cdstimedomain.pdf|pdf}}+         * Time Series Cube - Introduction,​ J. Nadvornik {{open:​wp4:​timeseriescube_-_intro.pdf|pdf}} 
 +         * CDS requirements on time domain, F. Bonnarel ​{{:​open:​wp4:​cdstimedomain.pdf|pdf}}
 **Coffee at 15:00** **Coffee at 15:00**
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