Task 3.3 D-INT: Data systems INTegration

Task Overview: The major common challenge addressed in this task is scaling-up existing databases and storage architectures beyond petascale level, while allowing for more complex queries addressing both primary sensor data and secondary data-streams. Within the D-INT task, the first priority is to profit from the progress accomplished or the developments needed in all the involved ESFRI projects. The data bases issues, the metadata standards and the datasets administration standards, highly depend on the data access requirements of the users, the archive data size and data product catalogue specifications of each ESFRI project. This task will bring together key representatives from the data-archive developments of ESFRI projects. Dedicated workshops and trainings will create a common working environment where D-INT partners can share developments and build together some shared prototype platform. A common repository for individual database prototypes will guarantee the positive outcome of D-INT actions: increasing the capacity of sharing know-how and, where possible, cooperating to avoid repetitions. 

Partners involved: LAPP, ASTRON, INFN, INAF, IFAE, University of Cambridge, FAU and Universidad Complutense Madrid.