Task 3.4 D-ANA: Data ANAlysis/interpretation

Task Overview: The data analysis software developments target three main aspects, which are in common among all ESFRI projects, although the specific weight among them is assigned individually by each research infrastructure.

These aspects are:

  1. Scientific software methods for information extraction;

  2. Data reduction technique and software for big-data sets management;

  3. Orchestration of services for data and metadata sets for effective extraction of archived information. 

All activities in this task will liaise and be complementary with WP4 (DADI), interfacing the respective activities will allow that the data, managed through the mechanisms identified and built by OBELICS, are archived, accessed, discovered and interoperated through the mechanisms defined by WP4.

The ASTERICS/OBELICS/D-ANA task is developing software libraries for statistically robust analysis of PetaByte-scale datasets in astronomy. The primary outputs of this task are these software libraries which are all released as open source software. The primary purpose of this page is to act as the canonical and long-term repository for released versions of these libraries so that they remain permanently available to the public.

The full list of software libraries delivered under D-ANA is available on following weblink. 


If you use libraries developed or improved within the D-ANA task, please acknowledge H2020-ASTERICS (Grant Agreement Number: 653477).

Partners involved: INAF, University of Cambridge, LAPP, IFAE, CEA, APC, ASTRON, CPPM and INFN.